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There are a lot of choices for post-graduate education. Why choose member institutions of the Christian Higher Education Association to earn your master's degree?

The Christian Higher Education Association provides prospective students information for accredited Christian colleges and universities.

In the past, it was sometimes necessary to choose between a career and maybe supporting a family, or attending school. However, advances have created streamlined and affordable solutions, making it possible for almost anyone to earn an advanced degree online.

As Education Today stated, job scarcity is creating fierce competition for professional jobs, with educational background a key to obtaining them. On average, those with a master's degree earn over 20% more income over those with an undergraduate degree. With the number of master's degree graduates growing each year, it is becoming a critical advantage to obtaining the best positions.

Christian Higher Education Association offers comprehensive features for your education:

  • All programs are offered online, offering superior flexibility, high educational standards, and friendly support.
  • All programs offered by institutions through this program are accredited at the highest level.
  • All institutions provide unsurpassed Christian education.
  • All programs offer a convenient online application process.
  • Ask about Financial aid, including education benefits for military personnel and their families. Also, scholarships may be available.

Online education offers a proven road to success. According to a recent US Department of Education study, online students that were tested for skills obtained in their programs performed better, on average, than those in a traditional classroom. Plus, you can complete your schoolwork during times that work with your schedule, day or night, from home or anywhere in the world. You will receive unsurpassed education, with support from beginning to end. Apply online now by selecting one of our programs, or select the link to the institution of your choice.

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Accreditation is vital to recognition by the higher learning community and to employers. The key is attending an institution where the accrediting association is recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education. All programs offered through the Christian Higher Education Association meet these rigorous standards.